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The Kindness Enterprise Membership

We’re not just experts in real-time lead generation; we’re pioneers in weaving philanthropy with business. Each query you have and every collaboration we foster propels not only your business forward but also amplifies our collective impact on the community.

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What You Get

  • 20 Pixels For Your, And/Or Your Network(s) Website(s) To "Reveal" Those People Going To Your Site

    • $100/mo for each additional pixel needed

  • 15% Membership Revenue Share

    • 15% Of Your Monthly Investment With DataKindness Comes Back To You

  • 10% ShareNow Revenue Share (Affiliate Commission)

    • Earn 10% On Your Referrals Monthly Investment With DataKindness

  • The Opportunity To Make An Impact On YOUR Charity of Choice (20% of your investment goes to the charity you choose.

What You Get

  • 20 Pixels For Your Website's To "Reveal" The Lead Info Of Those Hitting Your Site(s)

  • THIS IS UNLIMITED LEAD REVEAL on any page of your website that you put this pixel on.

  • Only $150/mo for each additional pixel needed

  • In-Market Targeted Display Ads @ $10 per 200 display ads

  • DASH - Your Portal To All Your Marketing Needs

  • Your free base DASH Account allows you to send 6 emails / month to 10,000 contacts (60k email sends per month). You will be able to upgrade to meet whatever needs you have.

  • Auto Enrollment In DataKindness' Referral Partner Program - 10% Commission On Referrals Monthly Spend


  • Membership Revenue Share - 15% Membership Revenue Share


  • The Opportunity To Make A Difference

    In Selecting The Charity Of Your Choice

  • We donate 20% of revenues to the charity you choose.

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